Poster Monet Water Lilies

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Inspired by Monet's Water Lilies, this piece draws parallels with the masterpiece. The Impressionist movement is frequently credited with having its beginnings with Claude Monet. For the purpose of capturing the play of light and the impact of seasons on a subject, he was known to paint the same picture many times.

One of Claude Monet's longest-running series, Water Lilies, consists of over 250 oil paintings produced for almost 12 years (1914-1926). According to Monet himself, the series intended to create "the illusion of an endless hole, without a horizon or bank." In addition, they exhibit his exceptional plein-air painting ability, sense of colour, and awareness of light.

He rented a home in Giverny in 1883. He bought the house seven years later, and shortly after that, in 1893 he purchased a meadow close to the property that was home to a pond supplied by the Ru River, a tributary of the Seine. He employed at least six gardeners, who eventually transformed the meadow into a Japanese-imported garden with willows, irises, and water lilies.

Monet paints a serene meditation amid a blossoming, aquatic setting as he combines the sky with the water. Despite sharing the same contemplative aquatic scene as Monet, there is a clear contrast in tone and the overall impact of color, light, and shade in this piece. This artwork has more powerful and darker tones with a clear emphasis on structure than Monet's, who used pastels and gave his work a more hazy and dreamy feel. Our poster monet water lilies is made on 300 GSM art board paper.


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